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celebrating victories

One thing I have learned about having cancer is that there’s a lot of opportunity along the way to celebrate victories and it’s important to milk those moments like a dairy cow. Yes there are lots of stressful times when you’re waiting for information, news or results from various scans that often result in more scans and waiting which results in the shitting of one’s pants. The end goal of course is the triumphant victory of being cancer free but that can take time, healing, and doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate along the way.

I had a PET scan last week; my first one ever. This is the procedure where they inject you with a radioactive glucose dye that essentially searches for cancer cells and then they surf you through a CT scanner to take photos of your insides. The dye lights up like a Christmas tree when it reaches cancer cells. The patient of course sees none of this and they wait until their doctor calls to give them the news. I have said this before but the waiting…my GOD the waiting is awful!

Because I was meeting with a medical oncologist this week who treats melanoma, my surgeon put a rush on my scan & results so the oncologist had the full picture and so that the length of time my thoughts haunted me was kept to a minimum. God bless him. He’s amazing. FYI – a week being with those kinds of thoughts feels like a freaking lifetime.

My victory today – the PET was negative. All clear, no grandiose light up, no cancer cells detected. While I will continue to be monitored very closely over the next couple of years, there is no need for additional treatment or drugs at this time and my prognosis for this stage 3A melanoma (WTF?!) remains excellent. Well holy crap on a cracker that is worth getting excited about!

I needed this news today. I needed the relief, encouragement, excitement and seeing the joyful reactions from the people I love with my whole heart. This gave me a lift and restored my hope and my energy. I am gifted with yet another powerful moment of grace and love through this experience and I’ma milk the shit out of it, bitches!

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