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show me your scar

A couple of months ago when I started radiation therapy, I joined a local spin studio to keep myself active and my mind focused on my strength; there’s nothing quite like pushing yourself through something and seeing how bad ass you really are when you don’t die from it (okay, so maybe bad ass to me means sweaty and strong, as opposed to harmful and scary but you get the picture). Because the importance of community is so significant to me, I chose a gem of a studio that really embodied that vibe of supporting one another. From the minute I walked in, I knew I wanted to be there. The owners are lovely women and their team is fantastic.

A couple of weeks ago I was working out with one of the instructors whose classes I end up in quite regularly. I’m always amazed at how strong and fit she is, but this day in particular the class was an ass kicker. I was sweating like a politician in confession and thought “holy crap, like how does this woman just get stronger every time I see her? How does she stay inspired? And WTF did she eat for breakfast because she is literally jacked!”

At the end of the class we had an opportunity to have a quick chat, and she asked how my recovery was coming along. She then shared with me that her mother had also had breast cancer (twice!). She was inspired by me and how I would come work out and push through everything I was going through and that reminded her of her mom. What an interesting moment for me. I had absolutely no idea that something I was doing for myself was making anyone feel – well, anything! Here’s this strong and ridiculously fit woman who just by doing her job helped me tap into my own strength, and my story resonated with her because of her own experience with her mother. I’m so glad she shared that with me as it was a solid reminder of the importance of sharing our stories.

Our stories and our experiences can inspire and heal others. They connect us to our community in ways we may never even realize. They can teach us compassion and understanding, and help us heal. The perspective and knowledge we can gain from just listening to someone else’s experience isn’t the kind of thing we can find in a research paper. We’re not just here to suffer through horrible experiences alone – we can be miserable together! Lol! I’m kidding – but for reals, we’re all part of this human experience and in showing our scars, we show others they can heal too.

** Also – if you ever have the chance and want to support an amazing business, check out Push Cycling Studio**

love heals for reals

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