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A Lover, not a Fighter

I am not sure where this started but there’s an emphasis in our society on “battling” and “fighting” all the time. We’re continuously inundated with the mentality of fighting with campaigns and efforts to wage war against everything;

The war on drugs, crime, terror, questionable fashion, or any kind of badness in general.

Politicians claiming to be “fighting” for jobs for us, or “fighting” for our economy or our rights. Really?

“We’re fighting for the rights of animals!”

“We’re fighting to protect the environment!”

“Keep on fighting that nasty, ugly disease! It sucks! Kick its ass!”

Call me crazy, but I don’t think that calling anything names does anything positive at all. Personally, I find that it simply depletes energy that could focused and channeled into something else – like healing and being well.

Fighting implies an enormous amount of angry energy and resources, and doesn’t always end up in a win. When we focus our energy on a rage fueled battle, we’re giving our energy to just that – the rage and the battle. While fighting may be an important part of anyone else’s experience and for everyone at some point in our lives, when it came to breast cancer I chose very early on to focus on making myself as strong and healthy as possible, and made all of my decisions with this inner narrative in mind;

What can I do today to heal my body?

I give my body everything it needs to fully recover and thrive.

How does this choice support my best healing efforts?

I even got into the habit of spending the first few minutes of every morning before I got out of bed on telling my body I loved it and asking each cell to heal itself perfectly. I started at the top of my head and worked my way through my entire body; every organ, system and cell; mentally thanking it for everything it does for me every day and then asking it to heal itself perfectly so that we were in the best health ever. I would specify for it to do it now, and to do the best job ever. Just as my body and mind look forward to meditation, exercise and healthy food, my body and mind now look forward to this form of kindness and love that I still give it every morning. You are what you think – choose good thoughts.

I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m bat shit crazy for it, I feel good, positive and vibrant. It was a continuous effort in recognizing the miracle that is my body and it is well documented that a positive mindset most of the time produces positive results. Don’t get me wrong – there were lots of days that I was and still am scared shitless, but that is part of the experience, healing and learning as well. It’s okay to have those days with those feelings, just don’t unpack your life there and sign a long term lease.

Your body is incredible and is designed to heal itself. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need help, in fact the best thing it may need depending on the situation could be surgery or drugs. What it means is that when we place our emphasis on healing, wellness and recovery instead of fighting and battles, and accept that healing, wellness and recovery come in many forms, we have a much better shot at overcoming illness of any kind. And that, friends, is winning.

Love. Always. Wins.

love heals for reals
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