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And so it is…

So here it is…the place I’ve decided to share my experience with surviving and thriving through a breast cancer diagnosis.  

When I learned that I had breast cancer, I was of course completely shocked.  There was no history of it in my family, no genetic markers and no lifestyle habits that could contribute to this disease.  All of  the things you’re advised to incorporate to improve your health I was already doing.  I couldn’t make any sense of it all; how it happened, what to do, who to listen to, what my options were – I was terrified.  The incredible body I had lived in for 44 years was telling me something was terribly wrong, and I didn’t know how to fix it.  

I started to clunk my way through trying to heal and found grace and love in the most beautiful places; inside my own soul, in the faces of strangers, doctors, remarkable women and of course my outstanding friends. 

In addition to the support of my incredible community comprised of the best friends in the world, without a doubt, one of the  most helpful things I did was speak to other women who had been through it and could give me hope and guidance.  They provided comfort and information I never could have found from doctors or looking online without sifting through terrifying stories and pictures (I’m one of those people who gets images burned into my brain).  I decided to use my experience and healing as an opportunity to share with other women that same amazing gift those women gave me. Gaye, Laura, Lorraine, Madeleine and Charlene  – I am so grateful to have had the benefit of learning through your experiences with cancer  – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you’re reading this, I hope my words find their way deep in to the precise part of your heart that needs healing, community, love and some really good laughs.    

Namastizzle mofos.  

Sara Atkinson: Breast Cancer Survivor Winning at Life

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